The long-term effects of eyelash glue are still unknown

Article published at: Sep 8, 2023 Article author: myousaf a Article tag: dangers of glue
effects of eyelash glue
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It's no doubt the false eyelash market has soared into the stratosphere.  In 2021, U.S. consumers spent a whopping $500 million dollars on the toxic gooey substance called "eyelash glue."

What's more astounding is most consumers are clueless as to the chemicals eyelash glues contain and the long-term effect on the eyes.  The main ingredient in eyelash glue is called "cyanoacrylate" and is a type of bonding material that's actually used in Krazy Glue.  Even worst, the residual glue left behind after its removed is literally baked into the eye.

While there's not a ton of data on eyelash glue, more and more women are talking about the negative impact eyelash glue is having on their eyes.  For example, the problem most reported was eye irritation, followed by swelling of the eyes, redness and runny eyes.  Others reported more serious complications like bacterial infections.  

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