No more struggling to put on lashes this holiday!

Article published at: Dec 17, 2023 Article author: myousaf a Article tag: clean beauty
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With a few days remaining before families around the world celebrate Christmas, there are many joyous occasions to celebrate.  Most women are donning beautiful dresses, pantsuits and rad garments.  For those that love wearing eyelashes, Goodbye Glue is making it easy!

No more waiting for glue to dry or trying to position the lashes just to miss the mark and have to start over.  More glue of course and lots of agony!  

Goodbye Glue strips are not only the safest adhesive in the world but the easiest to apply.  It's like 1,2,3.  Remove the protective covering, lay the lash on the adhesive, then lift, clip the tab and apply.  They also lasts 24 hours, are water resistant and do not contain toxic chemicals.