Top Tips for Applying Strip Eyelash Adhesive Like a Pro

Article published at: Apr 25, 2024 Article author: myousaf a
Strip Eyelash Adhesive
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Strip eyelashes are a fantastic way to achieve a dramatic, glamorous look without the commitment of extensions. However, the application process can feel intimidating at first, especially when it comes to the adhesive. This guide will equip you with the top tips and tricks to apply strip eyelash glue like a pro, ensuring flawless, long-lasting results.

Step By Step Guide To Apply Strip Eyelash Adhesive Like A Pro

Preparation is Key:

  • Choose the right lashes for your eye shape and desired look. Beginners might prefer shorter, more natural styles, while experienced users can explore dramatic options. Lashes come in various lengths, volumes, and materials. Synthetic lashes are common, while some prefer mink or silk for a more luxurious feel.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water to remove any oils or residue that could hinder adhesive bonding. Clean your natural lashes with a gentle makeup remover to remove any mascara or makeup that might affect the glue's hold.

Taming the Tube:

  • Most strip lash adhesives come in a small tube with a brush applicator. Familiarize yourself with its drying time, which can range from a few seconds to a minute. Faster-drying glues offer less wiggle room for placement, while slower-drying ones allow for adjustments. Choose an adhesive based on your comfort level and skill.
  • Warm it Up! Some lash artists recommend warming the adhesive slightly with a hairdryer on the low setting for a few seconds. This can improve its flow and make it slightly more workable, especially for slower-drying formulas. However, be cautious not to overheat the glue strips, as this can affect its effectiveness.

The Art of Application:

  • Apply a Thin Line and squeeze a small amount of adhesive onto a clean, non-porous surface like a makeup palette. Using the brush applicator, draw a thin line of glue adhesive along the lash band, focusing on the base where it will adhere to your natural lash line.
  • Let it Set (Almost), this is where drying time becomes crucial. Refer to the adhesive instructions and allow the glue to become tacky before application. It shouldn't be completely dry, but it should have lost its wet shine and become slightly sticky to the touch. This gives you some wiggle room for positioning the lashes accurately

Mastering the Placement:

  • Measure Twice and apply Once, hold the lash strip with your fingers or tweezers to get a feel for its placement. Look straight ahead into a well-lit mirror, preferably with magnified sections for better precision. Start by positioning the inner corner of the lash strip directly above your natural lash line, aligning it as closely as possible.
  • Gently Does It, using your fingers or tweezers, gently press the inner corner of the lash strip onto your eyelid, starting from the center and working your way outwards. Ensure the lash band adheres to your natural lash line, not your skin. Apply gentle pressure for a few seconds to secure the bond.
  • Fine-Tuning, Use the tip of the applicator brush or a cotton swab to gently adjust the placement of the lashes and address any minor gaps between the lash band and your natural lash line.

Here Are Some Pro Tips for Perfect Lashes:

Some people prefer tweezers for applying lashes, especially at the outside corners, because they provide more precision. Pre-curling natural lashes before applying strip lashes results in a seamless, blended look. 

mascara magic can be captivating! Optional mascara application after attaching the lashes adds drama and combines natural and false lashes, but make sure it's water-based to protect the adhesive bond. 

Too long can be too much! If the lash strip is too long, carefully clip the outer corner with little scissors before applying it for a flawless fit. These processes optimize the application process, resulting in astonishing results that are personalized to each individual's eye shape and desire.

What Are The Techniques Behind Making Your Lashes Last:

To expand the life of your lashes, avoid oil-based cosmetics, which can break down adhesive. Use oil-free makeup removers and skincare products around your eyes. Proper removal is essential; gently use an oil-free remover on a cotton swab to release the glue adhesive before peeling the lashes downward. After removing the lash band, use a cotton swab to remove any adhesive residue from it. To keep lashes in good shape for future usage, store them in their original case. These techniques help your lashes stay longer, keeping their quality and appearance over numerous wears.

Here Is How Identifying and Fixing Typical Strip Lash Mistakes as follows:

  • If you applied too much adhesive, use a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover to gently remove excess glue strips before it dries completely. Be very careful not to touch your natural lashes with the cotton swab.
  • If the lashes are not positioned evenly, try gently lifting the corner that needs adjusting and reapply a tiny amount of adhesive with the brush applicator. Work quickly before the existing adhesive dries completely.
  • If you experience any irritation, remove the lashes immediately and consult the adhesive ingredients list to see if you might be sensitive to a particular component. Opt for hypoallergenic adhesives in the future.

The finishing Touches:

For a more dramatic look, use eyeliner along your lash line to create a seamless connection between your natural lashes and the strip lashes. You can also apply a thin line of eyeliner between the lash band and your natural lash line to further camouflage any gaps. Also, Applying eyeshadow can further enhance your look and blend the strip lashes with your natural lashes. Opt for neutral tones for a more natural look or experiment with bolder colors for a dramatic effect.

With these helpful hints and practice, you'll be applying strip eyelash glue like a pro in no time! Remember: patience and a steady hand are essential. Don't get disheartened if it takes several attempts to get the right placement. Soon, you'll be wearing stunning, long-lasting lashes that will boost your overall cosmetic look.