The Hidden Dangers of False Eyelash Glue

Article published at: Oct 18, 2023 Article author: myousaf a Article tag: Alternatives
False Eyelash Glue danger
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One of the biggest beauty trends in the UK right now is false eyelashes. With many Brits wearing them for nights out, big events, or even to elevate their everyday look, it's no wonder why they’re so popular.

With major drugstores such as Boots and Superdrug selling a wide range of styles, such as dramatic or wispy, the looks you can create start to become endless. Whichever style you choose to go for, the one thing you would expect is a safe application. However, this isn’t always the case.

Just because the glue is sold in leading stores, there can still be hidden dangers that aren’t always highlighted at the point of sale. This can include experiencing allergic reactions, eye infections, skin damage, lash loss and sometimes even long-term conditions such as cancer.


main hidden danger when it comes to false eyelash glue is allergies. Sometimes, we don’t always know we’re allergic to something until it's too late, and this can be a main concern with eyelash glue. If you aren’t aware you’re allergic to lash glue, then you may only start reacting to it once its stuck on your eyelid.

Cyanoacrylate, an ingredient also commonly found in superglue, is the main chemical to cause an allergic reaction. Key symptoms include itchy skin, swelling and eye discharge. If your symptoms don’t ease up within a couple of hours then it may even result in a trip to the emergency department, which would well and truly be your special event ruined.

If there’s one thing that could be even worse than an allergic reaction to false eyelash glue, it would be an infection. An eye infection can be nasty, causing pain, vision loss and large amounts of discomfort.


Infections are commonly caused from bacteria entering the eye. If false eyelash glue accidentally encounters them, then this can cause bacteria to keep growing in the area. If you’re a contact lens wearer, this can be especially dangerous as your lenses can harbour the bacteria and make the infection even worse.

An eye infection from eyelash glue can occur in numerous different ways. One way is after you’ve worn false eyelashes and the glue hasn’t properly been removed from your eyelid. This can also be the case if you’re a regular false lash wearer and a buildup of glue residue is leftover on the eyelid. It may even occur from poor hygiene, for example, if you forget to wash your hands before applying your false lashes, which is something that can easily happen.

The most common infection false eyelash glue can cause is conjunctivitis. Symptoms include pink eye, discomfort or pain, discharge, light sensitivity and itchiness. Usually, the infection will clear up by itself, however, if it’s particularly persistent you may need to pay a visit to your GP for antibiotic drops.

Skin Damage

It’s a common misconception to think that false eyelash glue will be kind to your skin. After all, it’s so accessible in the United Kingdom, you’d be easily mistaken for thinking it’s safe to use. This isn’t always the case, even if the glue is applied carefully, it can still cause damage to your skin.

False eyelash glue is known to weaken your skin barrier, which is not only dangerous for your delicate eyelids, but it can also contribute towards signs of aging. While this may not be a concern if you’re in your early twenties, it can start to cause concerns later in life when aging becomes more stressful.

Along with aging, any glue residue can even cause skin discoloration and the last thing you want is a permanent strip of color running across your eyelid.

Eyelash Glue

If glue has been applied to your skin, then it would be no surprise that it can pull parts of your body off with it, such as your much-loved long and natural eyelashes. You may not think it’s that extreme if a few eyelashes come away when you pull your strip lashes off. However, with regular false eyelash use, it can become an issue if lashes keep coming away.

Repeated application of false eyelash glue will weaken your natural lashes, meaning more and more can fall out after each wear. Lashes can take a long time to grow back, and they may not all grow back at once, leaving you with uneven lashes.

It may even become an additional expense if you need to buy other beauty products such as eyelash serum to help promote the growth of your natural lashes.

Long Term Concerns

Particular chemicals in false eyelash glue such as formaldehyde, carcinogen and latex can all cause long term health concerns if you regularly use false eyelash glue. It’s commonly known throughout the health industry that these ingredients can damage the skin and even cause cancer with repeated exposure.


Fortunately, there is a way for you to avoid all these key concerns that come with false eyelash glue, without having to sacrifice your beauty. With the Goodbye Glue strips, you don’t have to worry about your eye health.

The strips are made with a medical-grade adhesive tape that is both hypoallergenic and medically approved in the US. It means you don’t have to worry about any lasting damage, infections or allergic reactions, allowing you to feel safe in your own skin.

Women from the UK are well known for loving false eyelashes and the transformative effects they have when it comes to the eyes. What women in the UK shouldn’t have to accept is jeopardize their health to look their best.

With the Goodbye Glue strips this isn’t something that has to happen anymore. With a progression in technology, there’s no need to sacrifice your health or worry about any nasty reactions or infections. Instead, women can still experience the joys of long-lasting false eyelashes without any leftover sticky residue, what isn’t to love?

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