Glue vs. Medical Adhesive: Why You Should Say Goodbye to Eye Lash Glue

Article published at: Oct 31, 2023 Article author: myousaf a Article tag: Alternatives
Glue vs. Medical Adhesive
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Eyelash glue is sold in hundreds of different stores worldwide by a variety of well-known brands. Because of this, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s a safe product to put near your delicate eyes. However, this isn’t the case. False eyelash glues are full of nasty ingredients that can cause damage to your eyes and eyelids.

This doesn’t mean that you need to stop wearing false lashes, instead, you can make the switch to a safe medical adhesive, such as Goodbye Glue’s lash strips.

The Harmful Ingredients in Eyelash Glue

Eyelash glue has two main harmful ingredients that can cause damage to your eyes. These are formaldehyde and cyanoacrylate. You’ll find them in nearly every eyelash glue and the damage they can cause is significant.

Formaldehyde is a chemical that is commonly used in superglue, which instantly tells you how dangerous it can be. The chemical is colorless and highly toxic. As a gas, it can even become flammable at room temperature. Exposure to this harsh chemical can cause skin irritation, so the worst possible place to put it would be your eyelid.

Other known reactions include watery eyes, burning in the eyes, a sore throat and coughing. If you notice these symptoms while you’re wearing eyelashes, then you should instantly stop wearing them with lash glue. With continued use, formaldehyde has even been known to lead to cancer. 

Another harsh ingredient that’s found in eyelash glue is cyanoacrylate. Just like formaldehyde, this chemical is also found in superglue, making it equally as dangerous. Cyanoacrylate can also cause serious health concerns such as skin irritation. It’s also a huge concern if the chemical encounters your eye, which if it's used to stick a false eyelash to your lid, is very likely. This can cause serious injury, resulting in a medical emergency. Also, if the product is swallowed or meets open skin, it can poison you, meaning you’d need to seek medical help instantly. 

Why Are Popular Eyelash Brands Still Using Glue?

With such harmful ingredients in eyelash glue, it may have you questioning why well-known brands such as Ardell, KISS and Kara Beauty are still selling glue adhesive. The main answer to this is that it’s a cheaper option. The brands can sell their glue for less, even though it’s harmful, consumers will buy it because it’s a low price from a trusted company. These brands can even include their glue with false eyelashes to make customers think that they’re receiving a good deal.

Brands such as Ardell have managed to sell their DUO eyelash glue across the globe. It’s available in different drugstores, supermarkets and online. It’s hard to walk into a drugstore and not see a DUO glue tube stacked on the shelves. With these popular brands leaving out the health risks of using their product, they entice people into using their glue and thinking it's safe.

Medical Adhesive

The safest option to use is a medical adhesive. It’ll keep your lashes in place and will also ensure you’re free from any skin irritation or other health concerns. A medical adhesive won’t feature harmful glue ingredients like formaldehyde and cyanoacrylate. Instead, it will be kind to your skin and will leave you feeling happy and confident.

Medical adhesive tape is often used by doctors to keep bandages and other dressings glued securely to the skin to protect wounds. This goes to show how strong and sensitive the tape is. If it can keep bandages in place, then it can certainly keep your lashes in place. Not only this, but being used so close to open wounds, shows just how safe the adhesive is to use on your eyelids.

The tape sticks down with pressure and it doesn’t include any glue solvents, so you know it will keep your lashes secure without damaging your eyes or causing you any irritation.

Goodbye Glue Strips

The Goodbye Glue strips have been created with a medical adhesive to ensure they’re completely safe to use. The strips are free from harmful glue ingredients such as formaldehyde and cyanoacrylate so there’s no need to worry about the Goodbye Glue strips irritating or damaging your eyes.

The strips have been created with 3M medical tape. This is a game-changing medical technology thanks to the tape being so gentle, yet strong on the skin. 3M tape is latex-free and hypoallergenic, so even if you suffer from highly sensitive skin, the tape won’t cause any irritation or allergic reactions.

Not only does 3M tape stop any form of irritation, but it’s also waterproof and breathable. This means you don’t have to worry if you get caught in the rain, your lashes aren’t going anywhere with Goodbye Glue strips. As a breathable tape, your false lashes won’t feel uncomfortable or heavy, which can happen with lash glue, especially if you need to keep reapplying glue throughout the day.

Along with being safer for your eyes, the Goodbye Glue strips also create less mess. As lash glue comes out of a tube and excess glue can become sticky. Also, accidents can occur if you squeeze too hard or maybe even step on the tube. With the Goodbye Glue strips, you can say goodbye to any mess. All you have to do is peel off the tape and apply it to your eyelids, followed by the false eyelash.

Many benefits come with a medical adhesive over eyelash glue. The most important benefit is that a medical adhesive is safe to use. There are no nasty chemicals that can irritate or cause damage to your eyes.

The Goodbye Glue strips put your safety first, and with their 3M technology, they’ll stick firmly to your eyelid. There’s no need to worry if they come loose during the day. You can also forget about allergic reactions or long-term damage as you know this is by far the best adhesive for your lashes.